Today considerable amount of hard-to-recover reserves from low reservoir properties formations or high-viscosity oil are involved into development. Hydraulic fracturing or horizontal wells drilling are applied to provide economic development. On the one side the low piezoconductivity value reduces the rate of pressure redistribution in the reservoir around the well. On the other side hydraulic fracture or horizontal well move away the radial flow in the reservoir for a considerable distance from the well. The joint presence of these two conditions leads to a failure to achieve radial flow at the appropriate times resulting in a high uncertainty during well testing interpretation.

This article describes approaches of uncertainties reduction during the well testing interpretation in case of failure to achieve the late pseudoradial flow. The suggested method is based on the application of the special filtration equations in the early regimes to linear drain where as an example the horizontal well or hydraulic fracturing in the reservoir was provided.

The presented solutions were successfully applied in both the heavy oil fields and in the other types of fields where the late filtration radial regime was not achieved during the well testing.

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