SZ36-1oil field belongs to medium heavy oilfield, with severe heterogeneity and water flooding development. Injection/production ratio is less than one because of the low supplying ability of water source well and high injection pressure of injection well. In view of present situation and combining with other search results, a series of theory formulas, such as water cut - degree of reserve recovery relation, water storage - degree of reserve recovery relation and water drive index - degree of reserve recovery relation, are derivated based on Tong standard water flooding curve and material balance rule to evaluate flooding development in heavy oil field of low injection/production ratio. Actual curves are drawn according to production data of SZ36-1oil field I stage. Compared actual curves with theory curves, water flooding development results are evaluated combing with aciding, profile control and polymer injection and so on. The research results offer theory reference to remaining oil distribution distribution of SZ36-1 oil field I stage.

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