The recent industry downturn has forced operators and contractors to re-think and look at different ways to reduce costs while improving the complete well delivery process. Compounding challenges are longer reservoir sections with more complex well trajectories and tighter geological constraints.

These complex drilling challenges have been successfully completed in the past, thru use of high-speed Wired Drill Pipe (WDP) telemetry (Schils et al. 2016; Teelken et al. 2016), where the WDP telemetry enabled bi-directional high-speed data transmission to and from downhole tools at speeds up to 57,600 bps (Olberg et al.2008).

Whilst the use of WDP telemetry within the ‘drilling phase’ of the well delivery process has become more accepted and implemented globally, providing improved performance and wellbore placement, the use of WDP during the ‘completions phase’ has never been attempted. That is, till today.

This paper focuses on the use of WDP during the ‘completion phase’, discussing the first ever application of the battery operated Remotely Operated Completion System (ROCS) on WDP, used offshore North Sea, for umbilical-less Tubing Hanger installation. The ROCS consists of redundant controls architecture and pumps to operate the electrical and hydraulic functions and read gauges.

Thru use of the highspeed WDP telemetry, the ROCS is controlled in real-time from topside to operate the Tubing Hanger Running Tool (THRT), Tubing Hanger (TH), downhole functions and downhole gauges, eliminating the need for the traditional umbilical deployed within the Marine Riser.

The WDP operated ROCS allows for a simplified system mobilization and operation, reducing total number of rig days and costs significantly.

The main advantages that will be discussed and shown include:

  • Eliminating the Electro-Hydraulic umbilical and handling equipment (costly associated equipment)

  • Reduces personnel in red zone (umbilical-less: no clamping)

  • Reduces/Eliminates rig interfaces, (such as Workover Control System (WOCS) container reducing the deck space demand, increasing rig flexibility)

  • Ready to Run (ROCS including THOJ/THRT (Tubing Hanger Orientation Joint/Tubing Hanger Running Tool) tested and mobilized already connected to the TH

  • Significantly reduces risk of Waiting on Weather

  • Real-time readings local to tool, (accurate volumes and pressures, no umbilical influence)

The system has been used for horizontal and vertical completions and can operate different running tools, offering field proven benefits for the industry.

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