Hydrogen is one of the key components in clean energy systems of the future (Hydrogen Council, 2017). Currently, clean hydrogen production requires either availability of large quantities of renewable energy (in competition with other high power demanding industries) in a capitally expansive electrolysis process or need for carbon capture and storage solutions for the steam methane reforming process. Hydrogen Source developed and is commercializing Hydrogen Generation from Hydrocarbons Subterrain technology allowing to reduce both costs and associated emissions. The process allows converting non- commercial gas reserves to clean hydrogen available for recovery and commercial use with costs considerably below today's state-of-the-art hydrogen production technologies such as electrolysis or steam methane reforming.

The paper presents the experimental studies, including adiabatic reactor, core, and combustion tube experiments, confirming process efficiency and simulation studies using state-of-the-art reservoir simulation tools, laying basis for technoeconomic evaluation of the process at the field level. Experimental investigations confirmed process efficiency. Numerical simulation, monte-carlo and P10-P50-P90 statistical analysis showed hydrogen production costs on the scale of 0.1-0.5 $/kg with low associated emissions.

Techno-economic estimates of application to several field case evaluations for offshore and onshore hydrogen production are presented. Potential for technology application worldwide is also presented.

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