Vestflanken 2 (VF2) is an ongoing field development project in the Oseberg area. The development concept chosen includes an unmanned wellhead platform (Oseberg H) with seven gas lifted production wells, two gas injection wells in addition to two sub-sea production wells using existing infrastructure. Four of the production wells will be multi-laterals completed with autonomous inflow control devices (AICDs). AICDs in VF2 wells have two main objectives:

  • Accelerate oil production by delaying gas breakthrough

  • Choke back gas after gas breakthrough

AICDs have been successfully implemented at the Troll field, and further implementation on other fields are pursued. There are differences between fields and careful considerations must be taken when implementing the technology on a new field development like VF2. It is essential to select a type and size of the AICD that fit the application. This paper discusses the process of selecting the AICD flow capacity. The lower completion design was based on experiences and results from inflow simulations. However, the design for future wells will be made based on production experience from the first VF2 wells in production.

This paper also discusses the clean-up and start-up of the first VF2 well and presentation of results. The well is well instrumented with downhole P/T gauge and multi phase flow meter on well head. This is the operators first AICD well equipped with multi phase meter which makes it a very good candidate for evaluating flow performance and AICD efficiency. The well was started October 2018. Step-rate tests were performed on both branches and on the comingled MLT production. This allowed to compare measured data from the multi-phase meter to results obtained by the simulation model. The simulation results matched the measured data to a varying degree with different model assumptions. The initial well performance data and simulation model will be valuable tools when evaluating AICD design for future wells.

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