An oil field can be classified as mature when its production rate is significantly declining and/or when it is close to reaching its economic limit. A field might also be considered mature when it is close to attaining a recovery factor considered acceptable for its reservoir mechanisms. Strategies and methodologies to rejuvenate the field, enhancing production and increasing longevity of life will then commence. One of the most common methods of enhancing oil recovery (EOR) is by means of waterflooding, a device whereby injector wells are drilled in an oil field to inject water or gas into the reservoir to increase pressure and stimulate production. This, however, is a complex process posing its own uncertainty in optimally delivering increased production due to the complexity of reservoir type and well design. Having the ability to listen behind casing and deducing flow allocation of injection in which to increase the sweep and improving reservoir production performance becomes vital to enhancing oil recovery.

This paper demonstrates how spectral noise logging has aided in rejuvenating oil fields and enhancing oil recovery. Three different oil field examples are examined and discussed, illustrating the methodology and benefits of better understanding flow allocation behind casing to provide much-needed solutions to aid in field life longevity.

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