From a production or injection point of view, the two most important parameters for drilling and completion fluid are effective clean-up upon well start-up and compatibility with the selected lower completion solution to avoid impairment to well productivity or injectivity.

This paper presents results from laboratory tests using Statoil's innovative test methodology for verification of drilling and completion fluids to avoid completion incompatibility and maximize well productivity.

API/ISO standards specify a set of tests for characterization and selection of drilling and completion fluids. However, in spite of fluids showing similar results under such testing considerable disparities can be observed when the same fluids are used in the field.

The aim of the paper is to provide a thorough comparison of different reservoir drill-in and screen running fluids that have been examined using Statoil's internal non-standard methodology. It is demonstrated how fluid design, and chemistry in combination with solids, may be used to interpret results with respect to risk of productivity impairment.

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