This paper will investigate multiple production optimization case studies from the North Sea where sand management strategy contributed to increased and optimized well production, reduced integrity issues, and maintenance cost.

A new approach to sand management strategy can highly reduce, and in some cases, eliminate the needs for costly intervention operations in addition to providing uninterrupted and increased production possibilities. This paper will investigate different use of top side solids removal technology as integral part of sand management strategy and will discuss how implementing a sand management strategy that maintains solids free flow enables operators to optimize production by:

  • Operating at maximized flow rate below ASR

  • Optimizing well performance

  • Reducing well down time

  • Increasing ultimate recovery

  • Reducing cost per barrel

  • Extending the life of the well and protecting the wellbore and process equipment from solids buildup and long-term erosional damage:

  • Reducing need for CT (coiled tubing) and HWO (hydraulic workover - snubbing) sand clean-out

Case studies will investigate several cases from North Sea where new approach, integrating top sides solids removal technology into sand management strategy has contributed to production increase and optimization.

Choosing a right solids management strategy and technology can increase production while reducing production cost per barrel. Using an integrated top side solids management system enables production increase from existing wells without exceeding acceptable sand rate (ASR) level and while keeping top side process integrity intact. A deliberate sand removal strategy contributes majorly to enhancing production performance of underperforming wells.

Production data, technology applications, and results will be analyzed and compared challenging existing approach to sand management. Concrete results from several case studies will be presented showing the impact a novel approach to sand management can have to production data of mature fields, including cost reduction, well optimization and integrity issues.

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