Safety first has been a slogan for many operators and services companies for a long time, but how is the industry making sure that this leads to actual improvement? Many accident investigations at different levels have revealed that there is a lack of common taxonomy, standardized work processes within and across companies and openness for external audits. We want to point out the areas where we believe that the Oil and Gas industry could learn from other industries, such as car manufacturing as well as the IT industry.

Our work has initially been focused on literature studies and interviews with companies and organizations on the NCS. We have looked at license owners, operators and service companies as well as the authorities, and how they all have been practicing QHSE measurements, improvement, including communication between all involved parties. In the process our aim was to find what system would ideally help a company, independent of size and business area to both capture, follow up and learn from incidents without being dependant on constraints such as the human error factor or large bureaucratic systems.

Throughout our work it has become evident that there are several ways to capture and share experience and incidents between the different companies and systems. We have found that even on a company level there are internal variations in the way this information is gathered. As information is not gathered in a uniform way, analyzing and reporting the data will be a challenge. As we have found that there is no common taxonomy, no standard reporting or standards related to follow-up actions, we anticipate that there will be a large variation in the quality of this. As several organizations are working together on different projects, their different systems are united and expected to communicate. We believe that the high difference in systems and processes makes this impossible and that the solution to is to generate a common tool to address these issues.

How can we based on our findings say that as an industry, we are prioritizing"Safety first"? Why is each and every company developing separate systems and processes, and why is the focus not on quality and simplicatrion. For the petroleum industry to further develop on the NCS, we believe that it needs to learn from other industries work on a common platform where the aim must be to improve, not just to make reports and statistics.

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