This paper will address how Integrated Operations (IO) can assist the oil and gas sector in Norway with implementing more cost effective operations. The paper will initially analyze the implementation of Integrated Operation activities within oil and gas operators and service companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) over the past 15 years. The industry at the NCS has in this period seen a huge growth, and significant value from implementation of IO initiatives has been harvested. Also, a series of "external events" has occurred partly supporting and partly challenging implementation of Integrated Operations. For example, the two largest operators merged in that period, the oil prize raised significantly initially, but dropped back last year. In addition, the efficiency of use of personnel has dropped, the drilling efficiency has gone down significantly, and the overall cost of operating has increased significantly. As a consequence, when the oil priced then dropped in 2014, the industry was quite vulnerable. With this back-drop, this paper discusses how IO can contribute to improve the efficiency on the NCS. We are particularly focused on improvements to the way we work, the relationship between the operator and contractor and on how we are utilizing personnel resources effectively. Key questions are how we can improve on the way of working and decision-making by having much more readily available all relevant information and improving situational awareness and cross-discipline collaboration when making decisions, and how cross-training and new contract structures can reduce the number of people offshore.

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