The oilfield continues to experience increasing material costs for land wells as well as hydrocarbon depletion in common shallow reservoirs. To offset the resulting impact on profitability, reducing rig time and cost with new technologies has been critical for maintaining project profitability.

This paper is intended to inform operators of the advancements made with off bottom cementing (OBC) system technology, including a diverter (DV) tool, which is the crux of this system. This paper will also consider new well design opportunities that will not only improve reliability, reduce installation time and increase versatility in new drills but also can be implemented in pre-existing land wells.

This paper incorporates case histories in which four original OBC applications in South Texas provided consistent material cost savings and improved reliability while providing the capacity to strategically isolate adverse zones above the target formation. The paper will demonstrate consistent reduction in overall well cost by enabling the elimination of a five inch casing string that was designed in the original well plan. The new OBC plan provided a larger openhole ID section with more surface area to the target formation.

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