The paper talks about the principles and applications of current and emerging crude and hydrocarbon flow measurement technologies. It highlights the applications of flow metering technologies, in the world and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Emphasis is put on better precision and higher accuracy in volumetric and mass custody and royalty transfer through put measurement, of crude and hydrocarbon fluids. Through finer precision and higher accuracy, when applied to exports and domestic consumption, proper accountability can be achieved and tremendous cost savings realized. "We cannot be held accountable for what we cannot measure". Topics of presentation consist of the science of measurement, application of current and emerging technologies in the world of hydrocarbon measurements and the proactive role Saudi Aramco is playing in this research and application. The technologies that will be briefly discussed are, the use of the master meter in certifying crude and product meter provers as an applied technology and its comparison in accuracy to conventional methods of meter prover certification. Other devices consist of the principles and sciences of gas flow measurement, the various water- in- crude detection instruments, currently under research in Saudi Aramco and the application and viability to custody measurement, where accuracy is far more stringent than that of process condition, of the new mass and hellicoidal flow meters.

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