The FAWAG Project (Foam Assisted WAG) is a full-scale demonstration by Saga Petroleum of the use of foam for gas mobility control. The injection of foam started in the Central Fault Block at the Snorre Field in August 1998, after a two-year planning period and many years of active research. The first phase of the project, Surfactant-Alternating-Gas (SAG) injection was completed late 1998, and the co-injection phase is expected to be completed by Summer 1999. Approximately 2000 tons of commercial grade surfactant will be injected in the project. The project is partly sponsored by the European Commission's Thermie program.

The paper presents the basic concept behind the method, the selection of chemicals, the logistics for handling of the chemicals and the technical modifications needed on the offshore facility to perform the injection. Preliminary results, particularly the response from the injector, is presented for the first phase of the project.

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