New methods for predicting non-equilibrium phase behavior of natural multicomponent gas/gas-condensate dispersed systems in regions with sharp change of pressure, temperature and geometric parameters with application to main processes of gas preparation for transport such as separation, absorption and dewatering are developed. Mathematical simulation includes processes of mass-transfer flow with sedimentation and deposition, breakage and coagulation of droplets in gas flow.

Using these methods efficiency of gas production equipment with change of pressure, temperature, physico-chemical properties of gas/gas-condensate mixture and constructive design parameters of equipment may be determined without carrying out experiments.

As a result application programs for computing phase separation parameters are created. Appropriate software structure is described. Some examples of determining efficiency of different separators (gravitational, centrifugal, with droplet capture sections), co- and counter- current absorbers for extracting higher hydrocarbons and water from natural gas and whole technological plant for gas and gas-condensate preparation are presented. Received results are in good agreement with experimental ones.

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