Reeled tubing equipment and services are commonly used for the live well injection of acid and other types of well stimulation fluids. Until the introduction of inflatable packer systems, there was no acceptable method of isolating the injection of such fluids; this resulted in the pressurizing of the entire tubing string, or "bullheading" into the zone as commonly referred to in oil field operations. Though current inflatable packer technology allows for zonal isolation by utilizing single and straddle pack systems1 , such systems are complex and injection pressure limited due to the differential rating of the packer elements.

In order to meet the demands of high pressure stimulation, a new line of downhole tools has been developed for use with reeled tubing which create a ’ mechanical, positive, selective, sealing and isolation system. These new tools isolate and protect well components from stimulation fluids and pressure by employing conventional sealing technology and existing downhole selective landing nipples. When the features of these new tools are combined with the advantages of reeled tubing, i.e., speed, continuous circulation, live well servicing, etc., the result is an efficient system for well stimulation operations.

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