This paper presents a case history of 13 gravel pack completions in 12 wells which used completion brine (water) as the carrier fluid as opposed to polymer (gel) carrier fluids, such as hydroxyethelcellulose (HEC) and xantham gum (XC). The gravel/water packs were performed in 12 Gulf of Mexico wells during a six month period from mid-1990 to 1991.

The paper (1) describes the evolution of the water packing equipment and procedures used in this case history, (2) presents data in terms of the procedures and the pertinent well data (deviation, zone length, casing size, screen size, completion fluid weight, pump rate, etc.), and (3) post appraises the success of these water packs by examining gravel pack logs and well productivity. The gravel/ water pack procedure described proved 100% successful in providing excellent gravel packs in these wells. Compared to prior gravel/gel packs, the described procedure resulted in superior packs by providing complete (void-free) packing and by eliminating production damage often caused bthe gel carriers.

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