A phenolic resin plugback technique was developed and successfully employed on thirty-two wellbores with open hole gravel packed completions in the Midway-Sunset field during 1987. This program resulted in a sustained water production decrease of 5,850 BWPD and an oil production increase of 256 BOPD. Total revenue and savings from the wellbore plugback project were estimated at $970,790 per year. The project paid out in 120 days. This paper will address the development, implementation, and results of this water control technique. This study demonstrates that control of water production is possible within an open hole gravel packed completion with the use of a phenolic resin. Successful placement of phenolic plugs in temperature environments ranging from 100 F to 200° F were obtained. Influence of this program on wells immediately offsetting the water shut-off wellbores is reviewed.

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