In this work a computational algorithm was developed to predict conditions of hydrate formation in natural gas systems, including the effect of inhibitors. The model utilizes Peng-Robinson equation of state and was developed with the objective of fast processing intended for quick results with simple field computing equipment or processor controllers. Development is based on van der Waals and Platteeuw [15] model wich accounts for the interactions between water molecules forming the crystal lattice and gas molecules. Description of such interactions utilizes the spherically symétrie potential of Kihara along with the contributions by Parrish and Prausnitz [10], John et alii [3], and Munckei alii [8]. From statistical and classical thermodynamics it is produced a reletionship between fraction of crystal lattice ocupation by the gas mixture and systems pressure and temperature. From this relationship is produced a curve indicating the region of viable hydrate formation.

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