The paper presents an application of a stochastic reservoir description simulator to the modelling of two sections of a coastal-deltaic reservoir, the Tarbert Formation in the Gullfaks Field. The description simulator, called DESIRÈ, models reservoir architecture by an ordered sequence of widespread facies types on which are superimposed bodies or infinitely thin barriers. Petrophysical variables are simulated conditionally on architecture. The reservoirs display features of a coastline progradation and a sandflat sequence, interspersed with bodies of tidal origin and calcite cemented zones. Contoured- and flow unit models have been constructed for the reservoirs, and sets of realisations from the models have been simulated. Production simulations of water injection have been performed on all realisations. The production results show that with the data available for analysis, significant uncertainty remains in predicted behaviour irrespective of the comparatively simple structure of the reservoirs under study.

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