This paper describes the formation of the European Community, the participant Countries, the Directorates within the European Commission and their functions.

It will show how the development of the "Service and Utilities" Directives together with the Public Procurement Directive promoted and initiated the Harmonisation of Technical standards within the EEC.

It will show how the programme is implemented and how the various National and International standard Bodies cooperate with CEN/CENELEC, the European Standard Organisations, to bring about an EN standard.

It will turn its attention to the Oil and Gas Industry in the North Sea and how this Operator Phillips Petroleum perceives both the advantages and disadvantages of the programme.

It is our opinion that by working together in a spirit of cooperation and understanding with the various National and European Standard Bodies, the Oil and Gas Industry can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear in an innovative way, right across the wide spectrum of materials, equipment and services presently available in the Community.

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