In horizontal drilling, proper equipment selection is a key factor for success. Particularly in today's horizontal drilling market, where technology is changing so rapidly, a well informed and systematic approach to well planning can help ensure selection of equipment that will result in the most efficient and cost effective drilling program. However, it is often difficult for oil company personnel to assure themselves that they are indeed selecting the best available techniques for particular applications.

One area in which this dilemma is particularly evident is wellbore guidance. Many people are of the opinion that measurement while drilling (MWD) tools are best; others prefer to use wireline steering tools. To determine which method is actually best for any given situation, factors such as economics, availability, accuracy and application should be considered.

This paper analyzes the operational details of each system as they pertain to the different intervals of horizontal wells, and offers comparative information that will help operators in selecting the most efficient surveying method for any application.

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