An efficient method is presented for computing the hydraulic behavior and pressure regulator settings for large fluid piping systems with interconnected piping loops. The method applies a modified projected Gauss-Newton procedure. Rank deficient Jacobians are taken account of by Householder factorization. Pressure regulator settings and loop flow rates are adjusted in a multivariate iteration with line search to minimize the difference between calculated and desired regulated pressures. Imbedded in each iteration is a step to fully converge on the loop flows for fixed regulator settings, ensuring that pressure drops around closed loops are balanced. Exact or limit type specified pressures can be used in regulator sizing. Included in the list of pressure regulators are pipe segment diameter, parallel segment length, pump horsepower, reference pressure, and terminal flow. This paper concerns liquid networks only; however, preliminary tests show the method to be equally successful when used in gas networks.

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