The build-up of scale deposits inside well bores can have a significant impact on the efficiency of oil and gas well production and operations especially the artificially lifted oil wells. In this paper, we aimed to present very simple technique operator can apply to avoid scale deposition inside wellbore without using chemicals by applying only physical methods. This can be done by controlling wellhead parameters. Methods, Procedures,

Our methodology involved analyzing the flow dynamics, pressure and temperature conditions inside the wellbore, and by calculating the scale tendency of produced water formation, operator from wellhead implementing measures can control the formation of scale deposits. This can be achieved by changing the flow dynamic inside the wellbore at the depth where scale start to deposit.

The results showed a significant prevention in the accumulation of scale deposits, leading to improved well production, operation and reduced maintenance costs without using any type of chemical treatment. Different real cases applications from the Egyptian oil fields will present.

The novelty of this paper lays in the application of physical methods to address the issue of scale deposition, which is a common challenge in some of the oil and gas industry. This approach offers a cost-effective, operation efficiency and environmentally friendly solution for mitigating the impact of scale deposition in well bores.

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