While optimizing hydrocarbon production, combining well intervention solutions can enable significant benefits due to reductions in risk exposure: fewer rig-ups and downs, less in-the-hole operating time and the carbon production and costs associated with rig time, especially when working from sub-sea intervention vessels. Operators in general, prefer to achieve multiple intervention objectives in a single descent in the well, if the operations complexity does not increase the risk exposure to an unacceptable level. Often, the risk of a mis-run, causing a second run, meets the cost vs value criteria for acceptable risk, when the large operating time savings of a successful combined run is considered.

In collaboration with a mechanical e-line provider, North Sea operators developed three reliable combination solutions which increased their operational efficiency. Combining these most run services under more standard, common scope of work procedures, saved the operator time in planning, execution, risk exposure and money, while enabling them to produce hydrocarbons in the saved time. This paper will present the technology involved with these combined services, use a typical example of each and the cost savings achieved.

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