1. Contribute to the development of the profile of young professionals based on a balance between personal and work life, strengthening the self-confidence of the individual and leaving aside the influence of personal aspects in the professional field.

  2. Provide a deeper vision of their personal objectives from the discovery of the personality and the strengthening of soft skills by implementing an innovative methodology

Methods, Procedures, Process

The program implements a structured, simplified and staggered methodology for the identified needs, attracting qualified young people and matching them with the most appropriate mentors, ensuring that throughout the mentoring process, a different focus and objective with the necessary durability is worked session by session. With the development of three books, SPE Colombia Section provides all the necessary tools to work on different aspects, objectives and evaluate the learning that takes place in each session, which are:

  1. Mentor-Mentee connection

  2. Strengthening your profile

  3. Leadership and decision making

  4. Breaking paradigms and overcoming obstacles

  5. Evaluating learning.

In its two versions, the program has had the participation of 92 young professionals and 92 Seniors in total. It has managed to obtain a satisfaction level of 92% and has met the goals of the young people by 88%. More than 300 sessions and 500 hours of mentoring have been carried out. 10 training talks have been held for mentors and mentees. 3 guide books for mentor and mentee with all activities and minimum requirements per session. The Mentoring program works for different purposes, especially based on the age and needs of the individual". It is a unique relationship between individuals. There is no equal mentoring, different interpersonal exchanges and patterns of idiosyncratic interactions define and shape the relationship. However, two main contributions emerge for the mentee: 1) As a space in itself for the exploration of ideas and to receive support of different kinds, and 2) As an indirect learning alliance by the acquisition of valuable information through the experience.

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