Accurate and in-time monitoring of corrosion inhibitor (CI) residual concentration is a key factor in asset integrity management for oil and gas operations. However, the natural variability of CI residual due to field conditions is usually convoluted with the error introduced by sampling and analytical techniques. In traditional analytical techniques, it is typical to encounter error of over 100%. Recently, a novel nanoscale technique (TrueDetect™, TD) was developed to accurately measure CI in the field. This technique is based on a proprietary spectrometry technique and allows quick and accurate analysis of CI residual at the ppm level. The portable instrument allows field samples to be analyzed on-site without the need for shipping them to a centralized laboratory. In the current study, the TD technique was applied to analyze field samples from various fields. Moreover, the TD technique was capable of analyzing CIs at low dosages and could be used as a method to qualify CI products in the lab and in the field.

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