Production and drilling activities in offshore installation are one of the most necessary activities of human society. To drill a subsea well and raise the crude oil to a platform, by itself, presents a series of risks. Associated with this activity, when the crude oil reaches the topside of the platform, there are a number of operations that prepare the oil and gas to be exported to land by pipelines or oil tanker vessels, which involves equipment and process that take high temperatures, high pressure and high flow rates. Understanding the dynamics of the factors that can affect the interaction of operators with all these offshore complex systems is critical, because the loss of control of these systems can cause serious accidents, resulting in injuries to workers, environmental damage, loss of production and geopolitical crises. Accidents in the oil and gas offshore installations, such as drilling rigs and FPSOs, can have tragic consequences and all efforts should be targeted to prevent its recurrence. Therefore, from the perspective of current technological developments, it is essential to consider the influence of Human Factors in the risk management of offshore industrial plants.

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