Giza Fayoum Completions was the second campaign of the West Nile Delta project. The campaign consisted of eight cased-hole gravel pack subsea wells. The Giza Fayoum campaign was sanctioned in August 2017 with an execution start date five months later. In this time, the well designs were finalized, downhole completion equipment manufactured, and the execution plan approved. A high rate water pack sand control technique was designed to deliver an estimated production rate of 120 MMscf/d / well. It was planned to deliver eight wells over a period of 5 months from Q1 2018 giving an average of two and a half weeks per well. Seven of the eight wells were cleaned up through a large bore completion landing string system. Each well was flowed to high rate temporary well test equipment installed on the DP semi-submersible rig to a gas rate of 65 MMscf/d, with PLT logs conducted.

This successful, fast-paced campaign is the result of applying lessons learned from the former campaign; Taurus Libra and identifying additional efficiencies that would improve performance. The design similarities between the two campaigns permitted the team to extend the learning curve and deliver superb performance on Giza Fayoum.

As for safety performance, the campaign was delivered without any lost time incident. A rigorous approach to continuous improvement resulted in reducing the completion time to 12 days per well (not including rig move, de-suspension and suspension activities). The optimized bean up procedures supported by PLT data made it possible to reduce greenhouse emissions by 20%. The sand control technique resulted in a significant reduction of total skins. Moreover, the team succeeded in delivering the wells safely, ahead of plan and under budget while adhering to BP's overarching strategy of delivering safe, compliant and reliable wells.

The efficiencies, safety culture and technology used during this campaign are now being set as the standard for future campaigns in Egypt and beyond.

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