As shale exploration has become more prevalent, producers are encountering more cases of shale oil with a high amount of paraffin content. With this introduction of paraffin wax, there are a number of challenges arise that include deposition of paraffin wax at well bore, in production tubings, chokes & valves, flow lines, separator and storage tanks which extend further down the pipelines to the refineries. With the growing demands in the global oil market for production optimization and cost reduction there is an increasing pressure for producer's and service companies to accelerate innovation in flow assurance and to deliver necessary best in class performance. While there have been great strides in treatment knowledge and method development in order to screen and optimize products under laboratory flow conditions, none are capable of simulating and measuring wax deposition under static or quasi-static conditions. These normally occur during annular flow, shut-in times, batch production and storage period. Our aim was to develop a simple, yet versatile technique to study deposition and control for dilute and semi dilute paraffin wax suspensions in condensates and model crudes comprising field paraffin waxes.

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