Wellbore cementing is critical for zonal isolation, bonding and supporting the casing downhole. In this paper, a novel high-performance micromaterial is presented for significantly improving the quality of the cement slurry and set cement tested in different API cements for horizontal wells. Its performance is compared to conventional Pozzolanic materials currently used in increasing cement properties. Strongly attractive for cementing horizonal wells, the innovative micromaterial provides excellent slurry stability, free water control, particulate suspension, and additional fluid loss control to superior set cement properties including high early compressive and tensile strengths, extremely low permeability, and zero shrinkage. This material offers consistently high performance and no variability of product quality as compared to Pozzolan materials that are derived as a by-product of coal burning.

The key novelty and invaluable contribution of this research to the field is the application of a unique high-performance micromaterial that can deliver multiple desirable properties in both slurry and hardened cement. With the illustration of the material giving many good surprising properties, the cement design can be optimized by reducing the dosage of several cement additives in the admixture, giving potential cost savings to service companies or operators. During our investigation, the new material does not require an additional chemical to activate its unique functionality.

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