During a wireline logging campaign on exploration wells, function testing a Blow Out Preventer (BOP) happens every 7 days per regulations. This test can take 12 to 24 hours and result in 1 to 1.5 days of rig downtime. The authors have internally developed a method of reducing the time of test to approximately 10 hours or less through novel invention. This paper intends to release the intellectual property of said invention into the public domain.

The current practice of executing BOP Functional Tests involve tripping down standard drill pipe to the BOP. If the operator is in the process of running a log, that means putting the process on hold and running back down with pipe. The BOP Function Test Bar (Bftb) is a tool capable of being attached to wireline which allows the function test of a BOP without tripping pipe. This method is conceived as a cost-saving and safer alternative.

The Bftb is a newly developed and patented wireline conveyed device that can be used to function test the BOP significantly faster and safer than the traditional pipe-in pipe-out method. The Bftb-Gen1 was qualified for sub-sea operations and piloted on Nobel Globetrotter-1 in the GOM after an 8-month development process in 2015. The Bftb –Gen 2 tool with increased utility to allow BOP pressure testing capability was deployed in early 2017. Conveying the Bftb directly on the wireline improves HSSE and reduces the time required to conduct the BOP function test by ~10 hours, resulting in significantly less rig down time. The entire R&D investment was recovered in the initial pilot, and there stands to gain annual OPEX savings in the millions, based on 4-8 deployments a year.

This paper will present both the technical specifications and operational implementation of Bftb for the audience's use. Additionally, the results of both deployments will be available to compare with the forecasted value proposition. There overall desire is to share the lessons learned with industry and allow the market to determine the adoption rate and further development of the Bftb.

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