In 2011, a subsidiary of the Oman Oil Company embarked on an effort to develop an Oman-based pressure pumping capability. What developed was an innovative partnership between a US-based service company and the Omani company. Technology transfer and training for Omani management and personnel was carried out in a hands-on and interactive fashion in the United States.

Throughout the process, the goal was to utilize Omani personnel as fully as possible. A well-defined list of equipment, technologies, and required materials were procured along with the training of key personnel. The plan had to be efficient in training and transferring the necessary skill sets to all phases of the human complement necessary to design, operate and maintain the highly technical equipment required in today's pressure pumping industry. HSE concerns were a cornerstone of every facet of the project. The paper will walk through the project and demonstrate the cooperation and structure that resulted in a successful business introduction to the Sultanate of Oman.

The final result was a successful launch of a fully functioning Omani-owned pressure pumping company in the Sultanate of Oman during the summer of 2013. This paper will outline the many varied disciplines, technologies, and hurdles that were worked through during the process. The planning required the development of a variety of interrelated schedules so that the equipment design, procurement, and delivery schedule meshed with the necessary personnel development needs.

With the expanding need for unconventional resource development, many countries are excited about the prospect of developing their own indigenous pressure pumping capabilities. The paper describes in detail how proper in-depth scoping and planning can result in a viable and successful indigenous new business start-up where none had previously existed.

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