Operators nowadays are swimming in huge terabytes of data through continuous data acquisition and permanent reservoir wide surveillance but will little intelligence to identify and decrypt key obstacles, challenges and constraints to sound asset management. Silo-ed organizations and short-term blindness offer limited opportunities to understand reservoir performance in real-time and its associated challenges and therefore minimize opportunities for production enhancement and value creation. This paper discusses a novel application which can help E&P operators in implementing best practices towards continuous monitoring of daily production operations to better understand and address key issues related to production performance from upstream to mid-stream. It offers a unique data-model coherent with Petroleum Production Data Management (PPDM) guidelines, built-in logic to determine actionable key performance indicators (KPI's) to measure asset performance, and interactive and collaborative dashboards to identify key challenges and bottlenecks to sound asset management and opportunities to enhance production and improve operational efficiency. The proposed visual solutions can decrypt constraints from reservoir to surface and mitigate these challenges by discovering and diagnosing the issues in real-time. In this manner, this application can facilitate exception based surveillance which is becoming an integral part of operating philosophy for E&P companies (Kumar 2013). It was proven that this application helped reservoir and production engineering teams achieve higher success in production transformation initiatives for capturing daily operations which are not detectable by traditional engineering analysis and reservoir simulation production forecasts.

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