Deep HP-HT sour carbonate reservoirs in Northern Kuwait have varied matrix properties and fracture intensities. The wells are drilled with barite laden OBM with 1,000-2,000 psi overbalance. The intervals suffer substantial formation damage during drilling as is evident from the fact that the wells normally do not get activated, in spite of creating an underbalance of 5,000-6,000 psi by displacing mud with a lighter fluid.

During the early exploration phase of these reservoirs, long and/or multiple intervals were perforated and treated with conventional matrix stimulation using 28% retarded/ emulsified acid in stages with chemical diverter (gel based and visco-elastic surfactant based). Post stimulation PLT survey in these wells indicated, that only about 5-10% of the total perforated interval contributed to the production; concluding that the diverters were found to be ineffective leading to sub-optimal reservoir management due to poor zonal contribution.

As part of strategic reservoir management process selective bottom up approach in perforation with higher concentrations of HCl treatment and without diverter has been adopted in these reservoirs. To obtain a degree of diversion over the perforated interval, the acid was pumped at higher rate and with higher pressure. Adoption of this changed perforation and stimulation treatment has been proved to be the key enablers for improving zonal productivity.

Around 30 wells have been completed with this changed perforation strategy and treated with this new recipe and technique. Post stimulation test results are comparable to those wells treated with regular matrix stimulation. The PLT survey post acid wash treatment by this technique showed that zonal contribution has improved. This process in addition to being simpler is faster and cost effective. This paper presents the comparison between the two types of perforation and stimulation strategies vis-à-vis test results and also the QA/QC followed prior to pumping the acid.

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