It is now possible to integrate WITSML rig-issued well data, such as trajectory and associated raw measurements, and well analysis results stored in other data formats, including PPDM, into the RESQML set of data-objects that comprise the description of a reservoir or "Earth Model". It is now also possible to update the model as it is refined, through the life of a field.

To develop this integration, the RESQML and WITSML Special Interest Groups (SIG) of Energistics formed a Wells sub-group for the current RESQML version 2 (V2) development cycle. The sub-group is focusing on using the current WITSML V1.4.1.1 data model to abstract a simplified WITSML well consisting of three fundamental objects: its trajectory, either in depth and/or in time; a"WellboreFrame", which is used to reference the WITSML log data; and its extension to reference WITSML marker data. These objects reference WITSML but now exist in the RESQML data model, which allows them to access existing RESQML capabilities. Through this unified vision, the RESQML V2 data standard will allow drillers and production engineers to seamlessly access reservoir characterization and simulation results, and allow the reservoir engineers to benefit from the entire range of well-based drilling, petrophysical, and production data within an integrated team.

This paper presents how the RESQML V2 design allows association of WITSML and RESQML dedicated objects, and how to establish the relationships between these new objects and the structural, stratigraphic, and reservoir elements inside a RESQML model. In part, this integration has been enabled by the new Energistics Open Packaging Conventions (EPC), which allows multiple data standards (not only RESQML and WITSML) to be recognized and managed consistently.

This integration provides the foundation for future RESQML work, including plans to integrate the WITSML Completion data-object, and seismic data (represented in either time or space), both in the reservoir and at the wells.

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