As companies grow and spread their activities globally, so the adequate training of the resultant expanding workforce becomes an issue of major importance to ensure quality of performance is maintained. Our current global workforce is working under significant pressure to deliver tools, equipment and services to a high standard which has significantly increased the challenge of ensuring that all personnel are trained to the same standards and have access to the best information. Online learning programs or computer based training (CBTs) although providing consistency lack the utilization of video, animation, technical graphics and voice-over, which are essential to ensure good knowledge transfer and retention. So, with the current online training being considered insufficient a new approach needed to be initiated.

As a result a new series of innovative hybrid CBT courses has been developed which is focused on commodity drilling tools, pressure control equipment and safety, using interactive methods dramatically to improve the learning experience and knowledge transfer. The resultant courses were placed on the in-house learning management system and made available across the globe in multiple languages. A total of 12 modules have been created in the initial year of CBT course development, following which some 13,000 training modules have been taken representing an impressive employee acceptance of the process

In this paper the authors will review the development of this program and the process used to create its content and track performance. The objective of this paper is to transfer knowledge on the processes needed for the development of successful online training and to demonstrate its level of effectiveness.

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