At the beginning to handle sand production is using mechanical methods (gravel pack, slotted liner, sand screen, and others). This method is successful to hold the sand on consolidated formation in the reservoir, but not success for formation with a poorly consolidated and unconsolidated formation.

The purpose of this research is to produce hydrocarbons (gas) without producing sand. The method is making a strength bonds between sand particles (sand consolidation) using chemicals (resin) without reduce to much the value of porosity and permeability.

This research is using artificial core which made based on unconsolidated formation of reservoir characteristics, such as: (i) matrix grain size in the range of mesh size between 80-120, (ii) Cemented between the matrix is weak, (iii) 25-30% Porosity, (iv) 50-300 mD permeability. Experiment condition conducted at reservoir temperature and pressure, which is 102 ° C and 3145 psi.

Testing of resin effect to the strength of rock stress is done by triaxial stress, which developed and manufactured with the application of high pressure, high temperature, the axial pressure, and radial pressure that using gas and liquid fluid.

The results of this study show that mixing a resin with core can increase rock strength up to 700-800 psi, which can handle sand problems.

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