This paper describes several solutions that are developed to automate several workflow processes for petrophysicists at Saudi Aramco. The objective is to further improve the formation evaluation decision-making process by introducing more efficiency in field development practices and automate certain procedures to comply with Saudi Aramco standards. The solutions provided consist of a combination of smart tools and automated workflows designed to further optimize the formation evaluation business processes.

The Near Real Time Petrophysics (NRTP) system enables formation evaluators to simultaneously monitor multiple rigs efficiently by automating the Quicklook workflow. The system seamlessly integrates with well logs and well survey data streams coming from the field with programmable controls that significantly improve the analysts’ ability to prioritize and process well logs on a daily basis.

Workflow Automated Service for Well Logs (WASL) is a collaboration system that optimizes and streamlines reservoir description well log services. WASL enables collaboration among reservoir description data managers, petrophysicists and supervisors. The WASL Dashboard is a complement application to the WASL application suite which monitors and provides key performance index measures on various levels utilizing interactive data visualization tools. The tool also aids Reservoir Description Division (RDD) supervisors by providing engineer productivity statistics, which is currently being used as a measure for granting an appropriate year-end evaluation with respect to well log analysis completion.

The reservoir operation summary environment (ROSE) provides operation engineers with the ability to retrieve all related well log summary activities from the drilling database and allows for the addition of logging plans into corporate repository for daily executive management reporting.

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