BP is looking to implement a standard data architecture for real-time drilling & completions information. This will enable us to make wider use of our collaboration centres through a common approach and will allow us to leverage the developing WITSML standard more effectively in our operations.

BP uses many different service organisations to deliver its global drilling & completions agenda. In the past, this has resulted in a lack of standardisation in real-time information flow. We have been unable to share data and expertise readily between different operating centres. Applying a common approach to information access on a global basis will enable us to streamline our operations and make wider use of emerging collaboration technologies.

WITSML is now finding greater uptake in our industry and we are seeing new compliant intelligent software tools emerging from different vendors. These will undoubtedly enable us to drill and complete smarter but we need a standard information infrastructure to deploy them widely and consistently. It is these smart tools that will ultimately deliver real value to oil companies.

The adoption of a standard D&C information architecture may seem an obvious step but there are very few oil companies that can claim to have delivered it. WITSML is the vehicle to allow this to happen and over the next few years it is likely that there will be much more emphasis on open connectivity between different vendors and services supporting the drilling & completions functions.

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