Industry growth is currently characterized by the migration of cutting edge technologies from regions traditionally used as the proving grounds (eg North Sea, GoM) to emerging markets such as West Africa, Russia and the Caspian.

There are many challenges to successful deployment of complicated new technologies in these areas including logistics a lack of infrastructure and access to experienced work force.

This paper aims to describe the development and implementation of a centralized support center, work processes developed to enhance local maintenance procedures, enabling technologies developed, describe successes to date and outlines potential further developments.

Recent technology introduction/ migration in Nigeria necessitated the re-tooling of the workshop, competency development of local maintenance workforce and skill development of the offshore staff.

Building on over eight years of remote operations experience a centralized support center was established at a maintenance centre in Aberdeen to support new downhole technology introduction in West Africa.

The support centre was created to enable subject matter expert's access to all facets of the technology introduction and, for what is believed to be a first for a service company; work processes and technology were developed to provide focused second line support for the workshop maintenance personnel in Port Harcourt.

New roles and work processes were developed that give local repair and maintenance staff access to dedicated expert support during critical phases of tool turnaround including strip down, component inspection and tool programming. These processes are enabled by an underlying communications infrastructure that allows portable computing devices to be utilized on the shop floor, video conferencing and network access to workshop computers.

Expertise to support rigsite operational excellence and improved rig-site workflows is facilitated by installing dedicated satellite communication systems which allow for work processes developed in North Sea Integrated Operations settings to be adapted for Nigerian conditions

Successes to date include remote training sessions of local maintenance staff in tool programming, real time remote troubleshooting at rigsites to resolve issues quickly and efficiently and multi-team collaboration during advanced rig- site operations.

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