The global drivers that determine the Earth's climate are: (1) solar radiation as a dominant energy supplier to the earth, (2) the Earth's outgassing as a major supplier of gasses to the hydrosphere and atmosphere, and, (3) possibly microbial activities generating and consuming atmospheric gases at the interface of lithosphere and atmosphere. The authors provide quantitative estimates of the scope and extent of their effects on the Earth's climate. Comparison of these estimates with the corresponding anthropogenic effects shows that the human-induced climatic changes are negligible with respect to global forces of nature. One should not ignore the fact that peaks in solar irradiation precede peaks in CO2 concentration. Using the adiabatic model developed by the famous Russian Scientist, Dr. O.G. Sorokhtin, the authors show that the increase in CO2 concentration in atmosphere will result in cooling rather than warming. Thus, the attempts to alter the global climatic changes (and drastic measures prescribed by the Kyoto protocol) have to be abandoned as meaningless and harmful.

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