Several acid treatments were conducted in the Ghawar filed to increase the well injectivity and to support the reservoir pressure in this area. Vertical and horizontal wells with an open hole completion in a carbonate reservoir were selected to be a candidate for post acid treatments evaluation study. These wells were stimulated using hydrochloric and emulsified acid with foamed viscoelastic-based water. Viscoelastic-based water system was used to enhance the diversion mechanism and the lifting process for the spent acid following the treatment.

In this paper new correlations for acid treatment design were obtained from an extensive study of several case histories that can be used for optimizing future acid treatments design in the Ghawar field. This study was mainly utilized the results from the post acid treatment jobs in terms of HCl acid, emulsified acid and viscoelastic volume correlated with the well's injectivity. Based on the study results, there is a strong relationship between the emulsified acid volumes with the injectivity index for the selected wells.

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