The paper describes a successful implementation of coiled-tubing gas lift (CTGL) in the diatomite formation of the Belridge field in Kern County, Calif.

The paper shows how the use of CTGL reclaimed 2000 BOPD that would have been otherwise lost due to irreparable casing damage. As soon as casing damage is detected, the future economic life expectancy of a well decreases to approximately 2 years. Wells with confirmed casing failure must generally be abandoned and redrilled, increasing costs significantly.

The paper will detail candidate well selection, equipment design and specifications. During the program, numerous design challenges had to be overcome. Special wellhead configurations were designed in order to ensure a safe and environmentally friendly operation. Coiled tubing (CT) selection was critical – both to optimize lift volume with minimized injection gas and to insure proper functionality and longevity in a high CO2 corrosive environment. The implementation of the project as well as associated risks and final production results will be mentioned as well.

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