Increasing legislative requirements on a global basis are driving the development of innovative solutions to reduce emissions. Flaring and venting of waste hydrocarbon gases is a known contributor to pollution and increasing pressure is being exerted onto operators to monitor and minimise emission levels.

BJ Process and Pipeline Services operate a "Hi-Lo" variable tip flare system which has proven to achieve outstanding emission results during a number of separate operations, including the incineration of Butadiene / Styrene waste gas during a plant shutdown and flaring high Hydrogen Sulphide concentration gas during a production well test. The system has many applications to allow the safe flaring or incineration of waste gases where stringent emission results need to be constantly demonstrated.

The fully portable system is automated using a comprehensive Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) package to constantly monitor and control gas flow, percentage of air mixture, auxiliary fuel gas concentration and the positioning of the variable tips to maintain constant tip velocity.

The paper discusses the systems effectiveness, design, applications and an analysis of the emission results achieved in comparison to legislation.

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