Petroleum energy is providing about 63% of the total energy consumption worldwide. The general strategy of the Egyptian petroleum Sector is set up to satisfy Local demand from petroleum energy, which represents about 92% of Egypt's energy consumption. Also to contribute effectively in financing social and economic development of the country.

Flexible management adapted to develop petroleum legislations such as "Gas Clause" and "Seismic Option." Technically, special efforts are given to secondary recovery methods, like in the pressure maintenance by waterflooding or gas injection. The application of waterflooding has resulted in 30% incremental increase to the original oil recoverable reserves. Also, updated artificial lift methods are applied, whether by gas lifting or submersible pumps operated electrically, mechanically or hydraulically. The paper reviews these efforts with different scenarios for the expected oil and gas production trends. Also, a review is given on how such efforts have positively changed the oil and gas reserves.

The petroleum reserves are susceptible to natural decline. Therefore, for the purpose of sustainable development, the Egyptian petroleum sector is working aggressively to increase the oil and gas reserves. As a result of the adapted legislation modifications, the natural gas (including condensate and LPG) reserves have been almost doubled during the last few years from 12 trillion cubic feet (T.C.F) to 23.6 TCF. Meanwhile, it is observed that the need for the natural gas- as a clean and cheaper energy - have been continuously increasing. It is concluded that we have to sustain oil & gas reserves development and in the meantime optimize utilization of petroleum resources.


The Egyptian Petroleum sector has provided many benefits for the country, both economically and socially. Petroleum industry has helped to populate new areas, Figure 1 shows the spread of the oil and gas fields in Egypt from the Western Desert to the Nile Delta and from the Eastern Desert to Sinai, in addition to the Mediterranean new gas fields. As petroleum is a strategic item, full care have been taken to improve the oil wells productivity and - at the same time- increasing the oil and gas reserves. In order to achieve this objective, the most updated technology is being applied in the oil and gas fields, such as equipping the oil wells with suitable artificial lift systems: whether it is gas lifting or electric, hydraulic or mechanical pumping. Also secondary recovery methods are being applied in many reservoirs - either by waterflooding or gas injection - in order to maximize the reservoirs potential via maintaining the reservoir pressure. Special emphasis have been given to properly producing the different oil reservoirs under highly controlled reservoir management. The petroleum sector is working aggressively to make use of natural gas as a clean energy to replace oil consumption as much as possible. This would save additional volumes of oil for export purposes, in order to increase our hard currency income which is needed for social development and progress.

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