The IPR curve equations, which are available today, are developed for an open hole wells. In the application of Nodal System Analysis in perforatedwells, an accurate calculation of pressure loss in the perforation is very important. Nowadays, the equation which is widely used is Blount, Jones and Glaze equation, to estimate pressure loss across perforation. This equation is derived for single phase flow, either oil or gas, therefore it is not suitable for two-phase production wells. In this paper, an IPR curve equation for perforated wells, producing from solution gas drive reservoir, is introduced. The equation has been developed using two phase single well simulator combine to two phase flow in perforation equation, derived by Perez & KeIkar. A wide ranges of reservoir rock and fluid properties and perforation geometry are used to developed the equation statistically.


In the application of Nodal System Analysis, perforation is an important component in a well production system. Different perforation technique, different perforation length and diameter yield different well productivity and at the end of the analysis yield different cost and revenue. Therefore, optimization is needed to choose the "right" perforation technique and geometry. In Nodal System Analysis, a good equation of flow performance inperforation, is needed. An equation that suitable to the well conditions. Blount, Jones and Glaze had derived an equation to predict flow performance inperforation for single phase flow (gas or oil). Therefore, the equations are not applicable for wells producing gas and oil (two-phase wells), such like a well producing from solution gas drive reservoir. Perez & Kelkar had derived an equation to predict two-phase pressure drop across perforations. In the application, this equation need information of oil relative permeability atcrushed zone, as well as number of perforations, perforation size and length, viscosity and formation volume factor of oil, pressure at crushed zone and pressure at perforation. Therefore, for practical purposes, Perez & Kelkar equation should be combined with other method which gives the value of oil relative permeability, and the pressure at crushed zone and perforation. In this paper, a two-phase single well simulator is used to prepare the oil relative permeability data, at certain production conditions. The well productivity performance usually is represented by Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) equation. All of those equations, which are available today, do not consider the effect of perforation. In this paper an IPR equation, which is consider the effect of perforation technique and perforation geometry, is proposed.

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