There is an increasing need to reduce costs of offshore production facilities in order to make development of offshore fields profitable. For small fields with short production time there is in particular a need to investigate ways to reduce costs. The idea of platform reuse is for such fields particularly attractive. This paper will review reusable platform concepts and will discuss their range of application. Particular emphasis will be placed on technical limitations. Traditional concepts as jackups and floating production facilities will be discussed but major attention will be given to newly developed ideas for reuse of steel jackets and concrete structures. It will be shown how the operator for several fields can obtain considerable savings by applying such reusable platform concepts.


For development of small and marginal fields, it is of utmost importance to implement cost effective development scenarios:

  • since the oil and gas prices most likely will continue to be low during the rest of this decade

  • since the investment in new developments will continue to be low due to financial restrictions for most of the companies involved

  • since many of the fields considered have a very limited production over a relatively short period.

Many of these fields, will not be developed unless the costs for development be reduced below today's investment level. This can be done through:

  • use of efficient project management

  • use of best available resources (combination of oil company internal resources with relevant knowledge and experience and external resources supplying required manpower and technical solutions)

  • implementation of new and cost efficient technology

We will discuss how a combination of reusable production systems and effective project management can contribute to economical development of small and marginal fields within the technical and financial constraints imposed on oil companies actively seeking development of such fields.

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