Hydrocarbon producing formations of the Salin, Irrawaddy and Martaban basins of Myanmar are Upper Tertiary (Pliocene, Miocene and Oligocene) in age. Almost all the producing oil and gas fields are located in these three sedimentary basins.

The geological structures of the producing fields are discussed individually, on the basis of the findings of geological field surveys, gravity and seismic data and drilling results.

The tectonic of the three basins are also presented in respect of the movements of the Indian and Asian plates along the Sumatra – Andaman – Arakan – Himalayan trench or sub-duction zone.

The lithology of the formations and reservoir characteristics of the producing horizons are discussed, on the basis of well logs, cores and pressure/temperature measurements.

The paper also attempts to analyse the source and migration of tertiary oil and gas based on organic and isotope geochemistry, to assist in further explanation of hydrocarbons in Myanmar.

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