Most of oil fields in China have been in the mediate and later production stages during which flowing pressure is usually lower than bubble point pressure and hence the production zones produce usually in the form of oil, gas and water three-phase flows. In three phase flows, the difference among oil, gas and water properties such as density, viscosity and in-site velocity causes the complex response of production logging tool(spinner flowmeter, watercut meter). Consequently, how to determine the accurate oil, gas and water production rates of each perforated interval is a key problem in the comprehensive interpretation of production logs and well performance monitoring.

Based on experimental result from flow loop, theoretical analysis as well as practical data, the paper presents a new interpretive method for three phase flow with the inflatable diverter production logging instrument and the new response equations of water cut tool and spinner flowmeter in multiphase flow, and how to use production logging data for determining flow pattern is also given in this paper.

The field example from Chinese oil field has demonstrated the dependability of the developed method, and the interpretation results are considerably satisfied.

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