Coiled Tubing is used in over 1000 operations a year in the western half of the Prudhoe Bay Unit. Fishing operations, well cleanouts, inflatable packers and bridge plugs, cement squeezes, logging, N2 lifts and jet pump operations are routinely performed year round. Special considerations taken into account include temperatures to −60° F, winds to 100 mph and the environmental sensitivity of the area.

Since 1980, when coiled tubing was first used at Prudhoe, it's use has expanded from simple corrosion inhibitor and acid pumping treatments to include the full range of operations listed above. In this time frame procedures have been worked out to ensure safe, trouble free operations. Accounting for the extreme environmental sensitivity of the area, for example, all rig ups employ flanged connections from the wellhead to the four ram BOP stack. Limits have been set on coil longevity and BHA's (Bottom Hole Assemblies) use safety equipment including hydraulic releases and check valves.

It is the purpose of this paper to discuss the evolution of coiled tubing operations in the WOA (Western Operating Area) of the Prudhoe Bay Unit. Upon completion of the paper one will have an excellent understanding of the wide range of uses for coiled tubing and the type of equipment / procedures necessary to do the job.

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